Saving is reasonable, but saving in the wrong place is not worth it. Your credit for the nasal surgery can be low-interest. – Only when choosing an experienced surgeon with an excellent professional reputation should you not cut corners for economy.

Please choose carefully who will perform your nose job. Experienced renowned surgeons do not give away their performance. We do not recommend a particular cosmetic surgeon. We support you with our know-how, so that you don’t pay too much for your loan.

Credit for nasal surgery aesthetics is affordable

Credit for nasal surgery aesthetics is affordable

No one in Germany wants to hide his face. Looking someone in the face is a sign of mutual courtesy and openness. In the center of the face, the nose dominates the aesthetic impression. Striking noses can be an artist’s trademark. – Still, living with a “Mike Krüger nose” is not for everyone. It doesn’t have to either. Cosmetic surgery offers the opportunity to “help nature get going”.

A good surgeon can do little miracles. Low interest rates on the loan for the nose surgery keep the financing costs within an affordable range. The surgeon can only predict how much money is on the bill for rhinoplasty in individual cases. The straightening of the nasal septum could even be part of the health insurer’s catalog of services, provided that breathing problems could be eliminated in this way.

Other interventions, such as building a different, more aesthetic nose shape through rhinoplasty, would have to be paid for in full. Doctor comparisons show that the calculation of an aesthetic nose job ranges between 3,000 USD and 4,900 USD. In order to make it easier for self-payers to decide on the operation, flyers with financing offers are available in waiting rooms or at the registration desk.

Credit comparison – special offer medipay versus instant credit

Credit comparison - special offer medipay versus instant credit

The loan required for the nasal surgery could be offered by a specialist financier for patient loans. An example of such an offer comes from medipay. The personal contribution to the doctor’s bill can be financed through the special offer. The loan could even be approved at an APR of 0.0 percent. (Sufficiently good creditworthiness required for lending). The doctor’s bill should be repaid with a maximum of 72 installments.

For the loan comparison, we assume that the household budget should not shoulder more than about 100 USD in monthly installments. Under these conditions, the medipay loan calculator offers 3000 USD credit for the nasal surgery with a term of 36 months. The installment calculator shows the monthly installments as 96 USD. The program puts the calculated interest costs at 8.90 percent APR. A total of 456 USD in borrowing costs.

If the same amount is entered in the free loan comparison, it leads to a 36-month loan term. Our benchmark is a loan offer at the credit-independent lending rate. In this case, the rate is only $ 85.63 per month. The credit comparison calculator gives the effective annual interest rate at 1.79 percent. This results in a financing cost of $ 82.82.

First conclusion credit comparison:

A simple credit comparison is enough to destroy the credit for the nasal surgery with the patient credit. The doctor’s special offer would be $ 373.18 more expensive than an online small loan.

Comparison – 4,900 USD credit for surgery of the nose

Comparison - 4,900 USD credit for surgery of the nose

Small loans from a direct bank, with a credit volume of up to $ 3,000, are considered extremely cheap. As a fair compensation, therefore, a second comparison. This time with the loan amount of 4,900 USD, the upper basic value of our price research for the nose surgery. Again, only about 100 USD in maximum monthly installments should be borne by the household budget.

The special provider’s installment calculator would offer a 4,900 USD loan with a term of 60 months in line with this requirement. The monthly installment shows the installment calculator with 103 USD. The offered interest rate changes due to the longer term. The program sets the annual percentage rate at 9.90 percent. Financing costs totaling $ 1,280 are calculated over the term.

In the free loan comparison, financing over 48 months would be possible with a monthly installment payment of 110.25 USD. For better comparability, we still stick to 60 monthly payments. In this case, the credit comparison calculator shows the monthly installment at 89.85 USD. The APR is 3.89 percent, regardless of the term, 48 or 60 months. With a term of 60 months, the loan for the nasal surgery costs a total of 490.92 USD.

Conclusion – credit comparison OP credit

Conclusion - credit comparison OP credit

In the second comparison, too, the loan from the doctor’s waiting room would be far more expensive – without offering the borrower a qualitative advantage. With a term of 60 months, the special offer would cost 789.08 USD more than the direct bank loan from the free loan comparison.