Loans for young couples are necessary solutions that allow you to get a loan more easily. These represent a great contribution for the realization of the life projects of young people, such as organizing and supporting expenses related to marriage, renovating or buying the first home.

Types of subsidies for funding for young couples

Types of subsidies for funding for young couples

If you are a young couple, today you have mortgages, loans and personal loans at your disposal with competitive interest rates and tax breaks or discounts, to allow you to build a family and achieve your goals.

When it comes to facilitations of this type, the most important are above all those relating to the mortgage: the purchase of a property is in fact essential for most people and families.

Generally, these mortgages are paid thanks to the presence of a special guarantee fund, which reassures banks about repayment of the loan.

Loans at subsidized rates in any case are not only accessible to young couples, but also to singles and families who, for their personal or working condition, need a form of credit protection, belonging to specific social classes or in possession of precise characteristics.

So young couples, but also employees with atypical employment contracts, single-parent families with minor children or families with a disabled component.

Usually the interest rates applied to subsidized mortgages are lower than market rates or tax advantages are recognized: this typically happens in mortgages for the purchase of the first home.

What are the requirements?

What are the requirements?

First of all, what is meant by “young couples”? This definition includes any family consisting of at least two years, who is married or cohabiting more uxorio (with or without children) and has at least one of the two members aged 35 or older.

In addition, to access funding for young couples, it is required that:

– the amount of the loan must not exceed 250,000 dollars;

– you must not be owners of other dwellings (with the exception of those purchased by succession donor’s gift, also in communion with any other successors, and which are given free use to siblings or parents);

– the property for which the loan is requested must be used as a main residence, located on the national territory and not considered a luxury property (it must not fall into the cadastral categories) A1 (stately homes), A9 (castles and palaces) , A8 (villas).

Where to find the best funding for young couples?

Where to find the best funding for young couples?

The request for a subsidized loan is available from all banks and financial institutions, in addition the fund has progressive features to meet everyone’s needs.

Given the importance of the project to buy a house, and the investment that will be made, in addition to making sure that you can access the facilities, it is essential to choose a good loan or mortgage at the base.

Online you can find a wide variety of mortgage deals. To choose the best one, you have to compare them. How to make the comparison of online mortgages easily and quickly? Using a comparator, of course! Why?

Because it is easy, fast, safe, transparent and free! How does it work?

Start the chat: we will ask you some questions to understand what you need and what is right for you. We will make a personalized calculation, and in a few minutes you will know if the mortgage is feasible and the installment to be paid: select the one that interests you most … and you’re done!